Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Greatest Blessings....

It's not very often that we have the chance to mingle with 166 young men and women who have given of their time to serve the Lord, last week I received a phone call from our Stake President, President Dudley who asked if I would be willing to photograph history in the making, we have a new mission, The Chesapeake Virginia Stake Mission our new mission President, President Baker wanted a photograph of all the young men and women serving in his new mission, of course I jumped at the chance, first of all I love to take pictures, and who would pass up the opportunity to mingle with this wonderful group of people who share my love of the Gospel.

Plus I had a wonderful assistant, Grace Schlosser it was no small feat getting everyone lined up and ready to say, "Cheese"

The weather was perfect, a little humid and muggy but hey this in Virginia!
Grace and I prayed that the weather would hold and not rain so we could take the pictures outside, it was perfect just overcast enough that we were not in shadows or harsh sunlight just nice filtered light coming through the cloud cover.
It was a perfect day the spirit was strong and we enjoyed being a part of history in the making.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Rachael's Big Day

Charlie and I drove to Indiana, a 12 hour drive on Thursday April 18, we arrived at a fairly decent time however the kids were all in bed. The next morning it was exciting to see all the kids again! That day Friday afternoon was Rachael's big day! I made her after Baptism dress and she asked me and her Grandma Faulstick to speak, it was a beautiful baptism for a beautiful granddaughter. I am so glad we were able to make the trip. (Rachael and her Dad)

her baptism program

Rachael with her Mom and Dafd

And the Cute Baptism girl in her brand new dress!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Temple Trip

Yesterday we went to the Temple with some really close friends of our's, their daughter Sydney leaves next week for her mission to Ecuador, it was a good day as a visit to the Temple always is. Below is Sydney her Mom, Grace and grandmother, Anne Robertson.  
 Sydney and me, I have known Sydney since she was born and it was wonderful to be with her at the start of her next big adventure, Kisses from her Mom and Grandma! Love you all!
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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Another Chance

Okay so I have decided to give my blog another Chance, hopefully it will work this time because I have really missed doing it, but the frustration of not having photos upload probably has been a real pain! So here goes fingers and toes crossed!
I thought I would start with November, we visited our son Brian wife Nicole and son King we just couldn't let him celebrate his first birthday without us, it was a great trip, no delays going a short delay on the way back but nothing we couldn't deal with!

We arrived on Friday just in time for the birthday party, it was great to be there, King is a cutie, can't wait to see him again.

We did quite a few things while we were there- visited Boulder and had our own little camera shoot with King ate Sushi of course!

Spent the day at the Zoo and I must say at this point that I was most impressed with this Zoo, it is the Cheyenne Mtn Zoo I love giraffes and they have lots of them and you even get to feed them! I think King was impressed too! It certainly gets a 10 from me!

It was a great week, we were sad to leave but also glad to be back home!